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The Non-Resident Madheshis Association (NRM-A)  is incorporated as a non-profit organization in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA. The NRM-A is a global umbrella organization of Madheshis living abroad to foster the identity and the awareness of the issues of Madhesh and Madheshis, and to promote the welfare of all Madheshis. The NRM-A strives to have its chapters or representatives in every country with a significant presence of Madheshis. It was founded by Dr. C. K. Raut. The objectives of the NRM-A are:

  • to promote the awareness of Madhesh and the Madheshi identity around the world
  • to educate the world about the problems and issues of Madhesh and Madheshis
  • to participate in the social and economic development agenda of Madhesh
  • to voice a concern for the rights of all Madheshis
  • to encourage the investment and development projects in Madhesh
  • to promote  tourism in Madhesh
  • to promote an environment of cooperation and support among the Madheshi students and professionals

There is no membership fee until the first general convention of the NRM-A.  You can become a member by applying online here.  The bylaws of the NRM-A are available here.

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